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Job Listing - Registered Hygienist

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Job Information
Date Posted:6/10/2021 8:49:00 AM
Location:MD - HARFORD
Type:Full Time
Title:Registered Hygienist
Description:Our smaller sized general family practice is seeking a Dental Hygienist to seamlessly join our team , preferably full time Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-5pm and Tuesdays 11am-7pm. We are looking for someone who is efficient, personable, hard working, reliable, a team player, proactive and respectful. You will help to treat new and existing patients while promoting good oral health practices.

Ensure patients feel comfortable and safe during their entire appointment

Take medical and dental history, complete full periodontal charting/ update periodontal charting, note hard tissue findings

Take X-rays (FMX, PAN)
Identify conditions like gingivitis, caries or periodontitis

Assist dentists with formulating treatment plans
Clean and help protect patientsí teeth (e.g. prophy, S/RP, sealants, apply fluoride)

Educate patients of all ages on proper oral hygiene

Maintain documentation and charts on each patient

Sterilize dental instruments properly

Monitor/ order hygiene supplies, keep room tidy and stocked

Help out when needed in other areas of the office

In-depth knowledge of health and safety regulations in this profession (e.g. HIPAA and OSHA)

Preferably 2-3 years of prior experience

Registered Dental License (required)
Pay: $50.00 hr.
Paid time off

Applicant Qualifications:
Please list 2-3 dates and time ranges that you could do an interview.

Language: English

Expected Hiring Date: 1 to 2 weeks

Hires Needed: 1

Send resumes to:

Practice Name:Hardord County Dentistry 
Practice Description: