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  • Connect dental professionals with dental offices needing qualified staff. We also provide current salary survey information to help you determine what is a fair wage for your location and your profession.

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This is the first time that I had the opportunity to read your newsletter and I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading future publications from your company. As an Instructor I am always looking for short informative articles to share with my class. Thank you and keep up the good work.


DA Instructor


I just realized that I never told you that we hired for our RDH position. I'm excited to say that our candidate did find our job on your site and it saved us paying for expensive newspaper ads or outrageous fees.


Los Angeles County, CA

I would like to thank you so very much for your site. Got a positive response from my resume, found a great dental office just a few blocks from my house!


San Mateo, CA

This is a great website. I think this is a great resource. I will be spreading the word in my area. Website was very easy to navigate. Good job.


Harris, TX

I do appreciate being accessible to and from your web site. So once again I thank you dentaljobs.net for helping me with my quest.




I enjoyed your resume process. Your "helpful ideas" I found very supportive in creating my resume . Thank you for the opportunity to post my job search, thru your web site.




We have accepted a hygienist to fill our open position. Your job site was very helpful. We received six responses to our ad. Thank you for providing a much needed resource for procuring capable employees.

Office Administrator

Sacramento, CA

I have experienced using your site 3 different times. I have had very positive experiences each time. We recently used your site to replace me at my last job as the front office manager. We first made the mistake of using the local newspaper, which cost a fortune and did not bring us the level of professional applicants that we had hoped for. Soon after he placed his ad on your site he had 3 or 4 great resumes to call on. He soon hired a very qualified replacement for me. At the same time I had my resume` on your site and I was receiving and making several calls to very good offices and soon found a wonderful job in the city I was moving to.


Front Office

Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA

We have filled the position of RDA. Thank you for having the avenue to bring in an optional resource for applicants and practices to connect.

Practice Manager

Placer County, CA

Thank you for the invitation to your website. I found it very nice and to be quite thorough. We will use it in the future to advertise positions as they come available. Thank you again.



This is a wonderful site full of useful information.



I've had a response from an Endodonics office in Knoxville. Once again Thanks!



I have appreciated your newsletter and hope to continue receiving it. I am a dental hygienist practicing in Nepal, and don't have much access to journals that are not online, so your newsletter is quite valuable to me.



Two people have inquired because of this notice, same response as two weeks in the San Francisco Chronicle, only difference is about $650.00.


San Mateo County, CA

I absolutly love receiving your monthly newsletter. The information is most informative and used frequently in daily practice. I am clinical faculty at Marquette Dental School and wow my students with the information I have that I am able to share with their patients. Both learn, student and patient. Thanks.


Waukesha County, WI

I have found a job through your website. I was contacted within 3 weeks of posting my resume. Thanks!




Thank you so very much for your support! I was blessed to find a job that I absolutely love! GOD is good! Have a blessed Christmas season!


Bellaire, MI

Now that you have so beautifully explained just how the website works it reconfirms my initial belief that your service process exceeds all others. Much, much thanks.




Thank you very much. We interviewed a great candidate today! Your listings have many qualified applicants.



I started my new job, & my resume was only posted less than a week, thank you!!!


Orange County, CA