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Thank You for your prompt response and great services , Linda


Orange County, CA

I just wanted to let your company know that because of this site I have found a wonderful job.



Delaware County, PA

Thank you so very much for your support! I was blessed to find a job that I absolutely love! GOD is good! Have a blessed Christmas season!


Bellaire, MI

Thanks "Dentaljobs.net" by providing a great service, especially during these extra challenging economic times.



Portland, OR

We have filled the position of RDA. Thank you for having the avenue to bring in an optional resource for applicants and practices to connect.

Practice Manager

Placer County, CA

Another great Newsletter! Congratulations... I really enjoy receiving them. Keep up the good work.




I did find a new job position through your website! I greatly appreciate your help!



Alameda, CA

Thank you so very much......I have always had such wonderful success when using your website I am really looking forward to finding my new dental position with your help again !!!!



I started my new job, & my resume was only posted less than a week, thank you!!!


Orange County, CA

This is a great website to find a job in the dental field. I found my current job on this site and have been employed there ever since! Thank you dentaljobs.net!


Contra Costa, CA

I would like to thank you so very much for your site. Got a positive response from my resume, found a great dental office just a few blocks from my house!


San Mateo, CA

Thank you so much for your website! I have taken a job as a RDA thru DJN. Thank you again.




Thank you for the advice, and thanks for fixing my resume. I have found your website to be a great resource.




From the years when you stared your website until now, I am very please that all the settings have remaining constant but practical, all the sites are very useful.

Lab tech


I want to THANK YOU for this connection to my current employment opportunity....I begin my first day on Monday...she found me through YOUR site. I guess what I really want to say: AWESOME SITE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Cook County, IL

I've had a response from an Endodonics office in Knoxville. Once again Thanks!



Thank you for always keeping your job listings so current. Other sites leave job postings far beyond the listers need, and it's very frustrating to contact an employer only to learn the position has been filled for months, and the posting isn't being deleted. I really appreciate the frequency and accuracy with which you maintain your job posting page. Thanks so much.



Los Angeles

I just wanted to inform you that I have found a job that I am extremely happy with. Actually, the employer found me through this website. Thank you very much, the site worked out great for me!!!!!!


Front Office

Sacramento, CA

Thank you again for your great service. We did have a good response from applicants contacted.


Sacramento, CA

I tried lissting my job in other web sites, but yours is the best! You had the most complete resumes and job seekers responded immediately. I will only use YOUR service from now on.

Dr L.E.

Alameda county, CA